Baby Safe Feeder 4 Replacement Bags

Price: $5.95

Be sure to purchase extra Replacement Bags so baby will always have a clean, safe bag to use. Great for busy moms on the go. Easy, convenient and economical. Reusable mesh bags are dishwasher safe. NO BPA, PVC (not even in our packaging), Latex or Phthalates. We use only FDA approved materials. Made in the USA. White mesh bags for use with the Baby Safe Feeder™ only.

Solid foods are no longer a choking hazard. The patented BABY SAFE FEEDER™ allows you to feed your infant fresh foods of your choice. It is so easy with our drop-in bag system. Drop the mesh bag into the retainer ring, place food in the mesh bag and screw tight. It is that simple!

At about 4 or 5 months of age when your baby starts drooling and chewing on fingers and toys, they need some relief from sore gums. At this time you are not trying to feed your baby solid food. Just fill the mesh bag with a cold crisp carrot, ice, frozen grapes, frozen chunks of melon, or any cold fruit and it can help relieve their teething pain. Many times the cold or frozen fruit will feel so good to them that you won't have to give them pain-relieving drugs.

As baby cuts teeth, the BABY SAFE FEEDER™ becomes a necessary baby feeding product. Food must be chewed and then swallowed. Babies with front teeth tend to bite and swallow but do not chew their food thoroughly. This is a dangerous time for your little one. Without molars to chew food properly, choking can happen any time that you are feeding your baby solid food. Our mesh bag feeder helps with the transition from sucking to chewing while reducing the high risk of choking. As your baby gets older you can introduce them to a wider variety of foods. Check with your pediatrician for age appropriate foods for your loved one. The older your baby is and the more teeth he or she has, the more foods you can put into the mesh feeder. Your baby will empty it and hold it out to you for more. The best way to describe how the BABY SAFE FEEDER™ works is if you put a wedge of apple into the mesh bag your baby will chew on it and make their own natural applesauce but the peel and seeds will remain in the bag preventing your little one from choking. Never leave a child unattended when eating or drinking.

It is not a pacifier or a toy. When your baby is finished, take the baby feeder away. Remove the mesh bag, turn inside out and rinse off food particles. Wash in hot soapy water or put in the dishwasher top rack (utensil basket). Bananas are one of the more difficult foods to clean out of the mesh bag, but YUM...babies sure do love them. (A white vinegar soak or baking soda paste helps with cleaning the mesh bag.) Since discoloring does occur with certain foods know that as long as you properly clean the bag it is sanitary. You can either use a discolored bag for certain foods or be sure to purchase extra replacement bags so you'll always have a clean safe bag to use. Always check bag before each use. At the first sign of wear discard the bag and use a new replacement bag.

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